Mirrored glass is a feature in itself and we believe it does not need to be framed to enhance its function or beauty.  


"SPACE IS THE BREATH OF ART" FLW THE FOCAL POINT OF OUR FRAMELESS MIRROR COLLECTION IS THE GLASS AND WHAT IT REFLECTS.  True beauty is actually in the reflection of the space or person in front of it.  


Black on Black or Tan on Brass for a tonal look.   For a little bling and contrast go with a black strap on a solid brass disc. All straps are 100% leather that are left natural or stained black.

Wall attachment

Installation of all ZAVEDO mirrors  is literally in minutes.  Our 2 piece DISC cleverly hides the screw that hold the disc in place and also supports the leather strap that holds the mirror.  

The DISC, a 50mm round universal attachment is what connects our products through aesthetic and function.

Mirror Colour

We have 3 available colour which are clear which is the most popular due it having a true colour reflection. The other 2 colours we offer are bronze and grey, these colours lend themselves to being more aesthetic in function due to the tint.


All edges on our mirrors are flat polished for a smooth refined finish.  

To improve safety we place long life matte black vinyl on the back of each mirror which gives the mirror a safety glass rating.

On the back of the mirrors you will notice 2 small natural leather tabs.  These allow the mirrors to stand off from the wall so it creates a subtle shadow effect and allows air to flow behind the mirrors to help de-mist.