Kiyoko Lip Balm



Kiyoko lip balm is from a 100% natural origin, made in a small factory in the netherlands specialized in natural cosmetics. we came up with kiyoko because we missed a lip balm that was both attractive and of 100 percent natural origin. so we decided to create our own. the unique recipe was found after months of lab research and testing - not on animals of course. kiyoko is the result of what we see as the perfect lip balm. 

    • natural ingredients only, such as cacao butter, vitamin e, lanolin and japanese wax. you won't find any lead or parabens in this lip balm.
    • it makes your lips perfect and soft, as it nurtures and hydrates intensely.
    • no color and a minimal taste and fragrance, just a hint of honey to make it even better.
    • a minimalistic and clean design and packaging, as we think that the perfect product is more than the right combination of natural ingredients.
    • kiyoko is hand labeled with one of our four different labels

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