Rim 1.5cm Octagon Basket





Our handmade baskets are unique and exquisite; the 280-years-technique transforms into the modern home accessory for everyday use. Want to treat yourself or your very special one with meaningful purchase? This one-of-a-kind gift is for you.


The rush grass we are using is triangle-rush which is truly an amazing natural material. It's lightweight, durable, aromatic, breathable, moisture-absorbing and a natural repellent to flees and dust mites and can last decades.

  • Copper rimmed shallow basket w/ octagon weaving pattern
  • 14.5cm diameter 
  • 2cm height
  • All hand-made, size may vary slightly
  • Our copper is raw copper without any chemical treatment

Over a century ago the YuanLi township in Taiwan was a thriving industry. During the Japanese Imperial Rule many of the locals made their living by producing and exporting rush-weaved products to the Japanese market. Rush-weaved products, were at one point, the third largest exported product of Taiwan.

Today, craftsmen and artisans alike with their amazing skills are rejuvenating this 280 year old skill of rush-weaving beautiful products.  We are partnering YuanLi township in Taiwan with fair trade practices so the artisans are getting a fair pay well above the median.


Rush grass is a durable material and when looked after properly, can last for decades. Here are a few tips to care for your rush grass basket.

Rush Grass

  • Do not wash in water. Triangle rush is very absorbent, excess water can lead to mould. Avoid excessive exposure to humid environments.
  • To clean or remove stains, simply use a clean damp cloth to wipe the surface then leave it to dry in a warm place.
  • In the case of mould, first remove the mould by lightly brushing with a soft brush then wipe it clean with a clean damp cloth and leave it to dry in a warm place.
  • When exposed to direct sunlight the grass will yield an aromatic quality whilst maintaining the colour of the product
  • Exposure to strong sunlight will dry the rush grass and make it brittle. Avoiding folding or bending the product after being exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Before storing wipe the basket with a clean damp cloth and leave it to dry. After drying place it carefully in an airtight bag.
  • Remove the lid from the basket before cleaning.
  • Clean it with a mixture of lemon juice and salt gently .
  • Rinse in clean water and dry immediately with a towel.
  • Make sure it's completely dry before placing it back on the rush grass basket.

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