Ruled Letter Opener



The letter opener is Izola’s first venture into the world of office wares.  It is a bold object and a perfect addition to the desk landscape. Constructed from brass-plated alloy, and equipped with a hole to hang it by, the functionality of this piece extends beyond what the name suggests.  Engraved on one side are centimeter metrics measuring up to 15 centimeters and the slogan, “Break the rules.”  On the other side are inch metrics, measuring up to six inches and exclaiming, “Follow the rules.”  

Brass Construction.

Dimensions: 15 centimeters


Designed to be beautiful and functional; NYC brand Izola produces everyday staples that are inspired by the old world utilitarian ideal of making products that are built to last. For the bathroom, the bedroom, the bar and your body, there’s something that will make everyone smile, in an array of slogans, colours and scents.

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