The second edition of RUM International is full of fantastic residences, inspiring designs, and all the exciting furniture news.
You will find a feature and interview with a creative Danish couple from the fashion and advertising worlds who transformed their 1960s box into a modern house, which references American, Indian, as well as Japanese architecture. It makes most passers-by do a double take. Step inside a unique home, which is the result of a very personal process.
RUM in this issue has paid a visit to a family whose historic, seven-storey townhouse features a breath-taking view of Copenhagen's towers and spires. And find details of their travel to Lake Como, Italy, where four generations of the Sarfattis, a family of designers, have spent idyllic holidays in their atmospheric summer residence. 
Apparatus, the successful American lighting duo, recently decorated their enormous showroom in New York, and RUM was invited into their dazzling world of art, lighting design, and vintage furniture.
Also find interviews of three of today's cool artists, Ana Kraš, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, and Evren Tekinoktay, and visit to their studios in Manhattan, central Copenhagen and Østerbro, respectively.


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