About a Chair (AAC 22) by HAY


The About series is HAY’s most versatile furniture series. It began with a chair and blossomed into a series with virtually unlimited potential for residential or commercial. With the About series, Hee Welling has proven that a single strong idea can hold a wealth of development options. The About series is a true pragmatist, able to blend in or stand out, depending on the task it is assigned. Dramatize the silhouette with heavier upholstery, or opt for more subtle materials and colours. The many colour, upholstery and frame options are a particularly strong feature that allows you to tweak the design without compromising the basic concept. 

This AAC 22 is a curvy version of About a Chair and is designed to be supportive even for your arms, so you can just sit back and let the chair do the work. This version of About a Chair is available with three upholstery options: full upholstery of the whole shell, upholstery on the front of the rounded shell or a seat cushion. All three versions allow you to vary the expression with relatively simple variations in upholstery, which of course owes a great deal to fabric textures and colours. 

 2 Year Warranty

W 59 x D 52 x H 46/79 cm

Solid-coloured polypropylene

Soap treated oak
Lacquered oak 
Black stained oak
With plastic or felt gliders


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