About Us


Enhancing peoples lives globally through designing and creating timeless products.



At Zavedo, we believe in enhancing your physical space by sourcing, designing and making products that have physical function as well as an emotional artistic purpose.  
Our taste is contemporary, urban with a soft, warm and minimalist feel.  We are inspired by architectural structures, interiors, landscapes and fashion that evoke emotion in everyday life.  We pay attention to those unexpected moments in unexpected places that evoke emotion, as this is the spark for our inspiration. When it takes form, we hope you too will feel what we feel with an element of surprise. 



Community. Operating locally and thinking globally as the world is our community of customers, suppliers, employees and brand voices.
People.  Customers, suppliers and staff are the centre of our business and we want to inspire them, form lasting relationships and make a difference in their lives.  We would in turn be humbled if they become our brand champions out in the world.
Sustainability.  Recycle, replenish and replace what we use.  Sounds simple but lifecycle of products and their footprint is far reaching and we want to do our part to make the world a better place.
Quality.  You will admire our products for their craftsmanship, quality of material and careful design and the fact it will not end up in a landfill after a short life.  
Design.  We consider material, form, function and harmony with colour, decor, home and people.  We believe detail is design.
High Quality Visuals.  We believe quality pictures tell a story more than words and this will be reflected in all our photography visual branding and store layout.
Having Fun.  Life is about the journey not the destination so we believe in living life to the fullest at work at home, at play and with the people we interact with.
Growing the business globally.  We want to share our our passions, designs and products with the world.