SINGLE SHELF TO AN ENTIRE DISPLAY WALL This modular & elegant solution is designed to suit a wide range of purposes and environments - at home, in the office, in restaurants and beyond.

Built for a lifetime without dating

It was important to develop a modular shelf system that was physically strong and durable without being visually imposing. We have kept its aesthetic minimal with no sights of screw fixings for a clean look & visual lightness from any angle.


made from high tensile 6061 T6 alloy, KIN has been tested to carry a full shelf of books without deflection, yet delicate enough to elegantly display a vase of flowers or wine glasses.


Kin Shelving is designed to be modular and customised for height width and colours. Single shelf lengths can be up to 3.5M.  All components are powder coated alloy and we work with DULUX special coatings to colour match or created contrast.  Our standard colours are matte black and matte white. CONTACT us for your special requrirement>



When designing we worked through many scenarios for home office and commercial spaces.  We believed the KIN had to be versatile for just about any product or space. Seen here is a tall art piece and it can be displayed by removing a a shelf and cleverly hiding the screw holes via our KIN caps.  

easy installation

Good design thinks about ease and speed of installation.  The KIN Bars are set at 600mm and 1200mm vertical centres so traditional framing can be found.  Each shelf is set at 400mm centres so the walls nogs can also be located.  Once the KIN BARS are screwed in place the KIN RODS thread into the same hole to hide the screws.  When the very fine threads of the Rods are pulled in tight it has an almost mechanical bond to the bars which stops sag and deflection so the shelves always look straight and true.  The alloy shelves simply slot into place ready for decoration and storage.

precision engineered

The KIN Bar, KIN rod and the universal DISC have been precision engineered from 6061 T6 high tensile aeronautical grade aluminium for a perfect fit.  Every radius, curve and shape has been thought through so it looks visually balanced and most importantly severs an exact purpose.


Since the shelves slot into place on the KIN Rods you can easily lift them off and clean with a damp towel or a cleaning agent.  The DULUX powder coating is durable and wear resistant and will last the life of a home. 

"Just want to tell you I absolutely love my new KIN Shelfs.   It has given me so much extra storage in our tiny apartment!"